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History of Establishment of Road Maintenance and Transport Organization

For the first time " Road Transport deputy " was raised as one of the five deputies of " Road and Transport Ministry " in organizational structure in 1982. This deputy was one of 9 " Ministry deputies " before separating from " Road and Transport Ministry " at the last organizational status.
Establishing the special limited-stock of public terminals of good vehicles was approved in 1988 in order to exploit , develop, maintain and construction of public terminals and en-route welfare-service complexes.
After establishment of this company which its public council management affairs was undertaken by Road and Transport Minister, practically, part of current regulations in public transport affairs were carried-on by this governmental company.
In the 50th session of " State Administrative High Council " according to the common proposal of " Road and Transport Ministry " and " Civil Service and Administrative Affairs Organization " with separating the duties of Road and Transport from respective ministry organizations and integrating into " Special Stock Company of Good Public Transport Terminals",State Terminals and Transport Organization was established and the first formation of "State Terminals and Transport Organization " was approved in 1995.
At the outset, this organization had two affiliated company in the name of " Islamic Republic of Iran Transport Company " and "IRI International Transport Company"which according to the ratification of High Council Administration " IRI Transport Company " was separated from organization in 2002.
In the last organizational change, through Administrative High Council ratification number 1901/74022 dated 2003/6/13 all duties, workforce, equipments, obligations and credits of maintenance deputy of " Road and Transport Ministry " was transferred to state terminals and transport organization and the aforesaid deputy was omitted and according to the mentioned ratification paragraph (5), duties and directing affairs of " State Transport High Council Secretariat " was separated from organization and transferred to " Road and Transport Ministry " and the name of the organization changed to " Road Maintenance and Transport Organization ".

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